Adelaide Airport sits about 6km from the city’s CBD, which places it approximately 100km from Cape Jervis. Due to the distance, it can be tricky to find the right transport to get you from one destination to the other. Taxis are usually too expensive for most travellers over such distances, and public transport can take too long. Hiring cars is an option, but it can be expensive and it leaves you with the burden of navigating out of the Adelaide are and into more regional parts of South Australia. That’s why we recommend putting your travel plans in the hands of experienced experts, with a chauffeured transfer from Car Australia.  Our drivers are experienced professionals, with extensive knowledge of Adelaide and its surrounds. And with a door to door service policy, you can expect the most efficient airport transport available.

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Cape Jervis to Adelaide Airport

Before you set off to see the sights of Adelaide and beyond, you should do some quick research into your trip. To help get your enquiries started, we’ve listed some helpful information below.

Pick Up and Other Information

Your travel guide

On average, it takes roughly 110 minutes to get from Adelaide Airport to Cape Jervis. Compared to most alternatives, that’s one of the quickest journey times available. However, when traffic is bad, or the holiday season is busy, travel times between Adelaide Airport and Cape Jervis can increase a little. When that’s the case, it’s usually a trip of 120 minutes or so. Of course, when it’s quieter than usual the inverse applies – in those cases the trip takes just an hour and forty minutes. So if you want to spend less time on the road, we would recommend a strategic booking during an off peak period.

Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport consists of a single terminal, which caters for international travellers and domestic flyers alike. It’s well set out with numerous drop off and pick up zones, all within close proximity to the terminal. So no matter how much luggage you’re carrying, you can rest assured that it won’t need to be carried far! When you get into the terminal, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi, along with excellent facilities including showers, toilets, and even postal services. Despite only being a small airport, Adelaide Airport has excellent dining and shopping opportunities, which showcase the region’s internationally renowned food culture. For those who are staying in the area longer term, the airport has a directly linked hotel – the Atura – which is connected to the terminal by a walkway. When you see the facilities on offer, you could be forgiven for wanting to stay longer.

Cape Jervis

Cape Jervis is known to many as the port used by the Sealink service, which ferries travellers to Kangaroo Island. And while that is certainly one of its feature, Cape Jervis has a well-earned reputation of its own. Steeped in history, and squarely within some of the most fertile areas of Australia, Cape Jervis is worth a stay. Looking over the Cape is the famous lighthouse, which has guided ships through the area’s difficult marine conditions for years. Despite the sometimes heavy seas, it’s not uncommon to see whales cruising past, and there is no shortage of fishing on offer as well. Finally, to showcase the wine and produce that has truly brought the region into national folklore, there are numerous local markets throughout the Cape Jervis region, on a regular basis. To see it all, and more, get in touch with Car Australia.